Modular Solutions


Imagine a home with up to 90% lower energy bills, healthier cleaner air and a more comfortable living environment. In partnership with Beattie Passive, we  build homes which deliver the optimum in energy performance and quality standards.

Why build Passivhaus homes with Creating Enterprise?

  • High quality building materials and construction methods to achieve the levels of air tightness and installation required
  • Affordability – 90% less heating required
  • Any design, size, shape or style
  • High levels of comfort – superior standards of sound, fire, flood and Radon gas protection
  • Sustainable – up to 100% reduction in CO2
  • Sustainable materials and low carbon footprint
  • Full testing and certification
  • British design innovation and manufactured in the UK

We offer a fast, efficient construction process by manufacturing the panels offsite at our flying factory on Anglesey and erecting the frames directly onsite. This reduces risk and time.

Solving skill shortages and developing skills in your community

Due to the simplicity of the build system, the designs produce high performance, low cost homes using local semi skilled labour, solving skills shortage issues. It provides opportunities for local unemployed people to retrain and benefit both financially and socially from a return to the workplace.

If you would like to find out more about Modular Solutions, please get in touch on 01492 588 980.