Social Enterprise Academy

Help your team or network to thrive through programmes designed exactly for their needs

We offer a variety of learning programmes at introductory through to advanced level supporting organisations through each stage of growth. The programmes help people to focus, reflect, plan and act on the areas that will make their organisations more successful:

Leadership – Exploring their leadership of themselves and others

Enterprise – Being more entrepreneurial and growing their business

Learning – Developing the skills, mindsets and cultures that create great organisations

Social Impact – Measuring and communicating their social impact

Our learning and development programmes can be tailor made to each organisation and are flexible, practical and responsive, helping your team to thrive.

We help people to be better leaders of themselves and others, as well as being more entrepreneurial and grow their businesses.  We help them to develop the mindset and skills to create better organisations, and measure and communicate their impact.

It’s not the traditional way of learning. You learn how to make the most of your talent, ideas, resources and energy and enjoy yourself while doing it. It’s all about you and exploring your leadership goals.

We can offer programmes within your organisation, or where your organisation can join with others.

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