Cartrefi Conwy tenants can find volunteering opportunities through Creating Enterprise. You can volunteer in a number of different types of work, based on the services that Cartrefi Conwy and Creating Enterprise provide.


Email or  phone – 01492 588980 / volunteering@creatingenterprise.org.uk

We’ll arrange an informal chat, which can be over the phone or in person (we’ll come out to meet you). During this part of the process we’ll discuss the sort of volunteer opportunities that would work best for you.

After that, we’ll arrange a trial placement so that you can have an opportunity to decide whether or not that type of work is for you.

And finally, if everyone’s happy, we’ll agree hours to suit you and you’ll be ready to get started.

To view our current volunteer vacancies click here



There are many benefits to volunteering:

  • Personal development
  • Gain new skills and experience
  • Improve employment prospects
  • Meet new people
  • Increase your confidence
  • Access to a range of training
  • Uniform and safety equipment are provided (if appropriate)
  • Out of pocket expenses are covered
  • Support of our mentor
  • ‘On the Job’ support from a dedicated Work Buddy


We run a rewards programme to thank-you for the time that you’ve invested in volunteering. There are three levels of reward, based on the number of hours you have volunteered.

These are bronze, silver and gold. After reaching each level you’ll receive a certificate, and you’ll be able to choose from a range of rewards.

What’s more, we hold an annual event to say thank-you to all the volunteers that have helped us throughout the year.


Our annual volunteer celebration event. Volunteers and their work buddies at the 2018 ‘Thanks a Brunch’ event.