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Connor's Kickstart Blog

Friday 13 May 2022

Today is my last day working at Creating Enterprise. I have had a really good time working here for 6 months, I have learned a lot whilst being here and they have given me some great things to add for my CV. It was a really nice place to work and everyone was really friendly and inviting when I started. I received a lot of training that has given me a lot of knowledge in the marketing area which is really useful. Everyone is really friendly and if you ever need any support I highly recommend coming into one of the hubs for a chat with someone. They help will all sorts and its really useful if you are a Cartrefi Conwy Tennant.

Friday 22 April 2022

This week I have been finishing off my e-learning. A lot of the modules are fairly simple, however there are a few that are quite difficult and very complex in the wording. They aren’t too much different from college exam questions. I have also updated the Virtual Jobs Board again so it has a couple of new jobs on there. Next week is our team day out so I should have a bit to talk about when I write my blog after that. It sounds like it’s going to be very fun.

Friday 8 April 2022

This week on Wednesday I helped at our Jobs Fair in Venue Cymru. It was very successful, we had a lot of people come through. I went around to look at some of the stalls, some of them were very interesting and helpful to give me an insight into different jobs. This week I have also added a lot of new jobs onto the Virtual Jobs Board. I have posted some of the jobs on here so you can see the sort of post we put out. I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Monday 4 April 2022

Last week I went down to the Second Chance Furniture storage area to go and have a look at the new items. We have had a few new items that are really nice and definitely worth people going to the webpage to check them out. When we got there the room was packed so me and Barbara spent a long time sorting it out and eventually we could see all the new items we had. Last week I also made a welcome poster for our Llandudno Hub which I think looks quite good. This week I’m going to be at the Jobs Fair in Venue Cymru on Wednesday which should be different and a new experience for me to have since I was normally the one on the other side of all of the job stalls.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Last week I did a course in mental health. The course was really interesting and helped me understand how to help people. It also shows you that people might be struggling without anyone even knowing about it and it teaches you how to appropriately approach someone to help them. On Friday I also finished my Branching Out course which helped me understand the different types of homelessness and how we might not even know about someone’s situation.

Monday 21 March 2022

Last week on Tuesday we all went to our Hub at Chester Avenue. The whole point of the day was we would go and clean it completely and then have our team meeting afterwards. I was assigned to help clean the outside with Mike. We had to pressure wash the blocks to make sure we got rid of any slime or general dirt and weeds. We did have a bit of an issue with the pressure washer as it did break a few times but we managed to clean the outside very well. Everyone on the inside also did a very good job at cleaning everything. The difference from when I went on the Friday compared to the Tuesday, it looked like a different place. If you live in the area of Chester Avenue and you need any help with anything I would definitely recommend popping in – everyone is very friendly and will never turn you away.

Monday 14 March 2022

Last week on Friday we had a mini road trip! Me and Kath went on a property tour with Cartrefi Conwy’s Communications team to go around and look at the different homes that Cartrefi Conwy own. We went around Rhyl and Abergele, and all the way round to Penmaenmawr. The tour lasted the whole day and it was really cool to see all the estates Cartrefi Conwy own and to see how they’ve done up the old ones and how they have built the new ones. It was nice meeting new people in the places we visited as well. It was a very different experience and I really enjoyed getting out to see the properties. We even stopped for fish and chips!

Friday 4 March 2022

The past two weeks I have been doing a course with the Oaktree Project to help young people who have left home or are currently deciding to leave home. The course has been really helpful for me so far because I didn’t know anything about moving out. It’s also been really helpful to understand different people’s situations. I didn’t know there could be so many different types of what we would call homelessness. We have also had a lot of new jobs on the Virtual Jobs Board. It’s been really good adding new jobs to the board and seeing how many jobs we have at the end of it. Starting next week I’m in the offices full-time so it’s going to be good meeting new people.

Friday 18 February 2022

This week on Monday I was in the Llandudno Hub. I helped someone use their phone – they came in very confused about how to use their phone and by the end they were comfortable with the basics. It was very satisfying helping someone understand something. On Tuesday I visited the new factory in Rhyl for a meeting. When we arrived we had a tour around the factory and they showed us what they do there. After the tour we had our monthly meeting. It was nice attending the meeting in person even if I didn’t understand everything that was discussed and had to ask lots of questions afterwards! It gave me a great insight into the bigger picture of what’s going on around the company. On Thursday I was in the Mochdre office – there is a nice working atmosphere in Mochdre and I felt very comfortable even though this was the first time properly working in Mochdre since Covid.

Friday 11 February 2022

This week I completed the first 3 weeks of my Digital Champion course which is aimed at trying to help people feel more confident using the internet. Over the 3 weeks we had various things to talk about and various things to fill out so everyone knew what were our strengths and weaknesses. I do feel as though the course did help me in some ways to understand other people’s knowledge of computers and tech and how much we use it day to day. I also fully updated the virtual jobs board with its new design this week and we have a couple more jobs up there now that we didn’t have before. We are also going to start working in the offices more now as everything is finally going back to normal so I will get to meet more people and have more things to write about in the coming weeks.

Friday 4 February 2022

This week I’ve been working on a new design for the Virtual Jobs Board posts which will start being used for any new jobs we get to advertise. I’ve been using Canva since I started now and I really feel confident using it to create designs for Creating Enterprise. Making designs for them is great because you can be incredibly creative whilst still keeping professional looking. I find the mix of them both can make some really nice designs. I also was part of a drop-in session today for Second Chance where we had the website up and spoke to people who came down to check the website out and look at all the furniture we have to offer. With the offices open again hopefully we can do more things like this in the future.

Friday 28 January 2022

This week I went to Second Chance (pictured above) to check our new stock. In the end it was about 40 items in total. We managed to tidy the room out for more items and we have a very nice selection of furniture that should be going up on the website either today or Monday. I also spoke to Leon and Holly this week. Leon was a Kickstart employee for Creating Enterprise doing construction. He recently had his contract extended by six months. He told me how great Creating Enterprise was and how happy he was when he was told they wanted to keep him on for another six months. He also urged everyone that was looking for work and in the age range of Kickstart to go out and find a Kickstart job – he told me if he hadn’t gone for this job he would still be unemployed. Holly is volunteering in construction through Cartrefi Conwy. She expressed how happy she was she got this opportunity and how she would love to see more women in the construction line of work.

Friday 21 January 2022

This week I attended a Plain English workshop. Basically the point of the course was to help us write in Plain English in the sentences and posts we send out. It was teaching us to not overcomplicate things by using different words or punctuation to make things easier to understand. It was really weird at first since they taught us all through school to use big and different words to try and impress the people marking the paper. By the end of the course I felt I had a good grasp of what was expected when we make posts, however I do think it might take a little while for me to use it normally. Also this week we made our first Job of the Week post on social media so that’s definitely worth checking out. We also had a few more companies advertise on our Virtual Jobs Board so it is also worth checking that out as well.

Friday 14 January 2022

This week I met with the Cartrefi Conwy Communications team – hopefully I will have some blog posts about working with them soon. The Virtual Jobs Board has been updated again with more new jobs. Keep an eye out soon for the Second Chance webpage since it will be being completely revamped within the next few weeks. If any Cartrefi Conwy tenants have any furniture they are getting rid of we would happily take it in. This week’s been very different so far since the Llandudno Hub has been shut and we have been working at home – it’s a completely different atmosphere to working in an office. Stay tuned for the next few weeks and check the Second Chance webpage once it’s been updated – it’s going to look a lot better.

Friday 7 January 2022

This week I was working on the Virtual Jobs Board and the Second Chance Furniture page on the Creating Enterprise website. The Virtual Jobs Board has been updated with a completely new layout and some new jobs so it’s definitely worth checking it out for the next couple of weeks as it will be being updated regularly. I have also updated the Second Chance webpage this week with a lot of new furniture so I definitely think that’s also worth checking out. The last thing I’ve worked on is posters for the Llandudno Hub to show what activities are on specific days when the Hub is open – for the next couple of weeks you have to book an appointment in advance. I’ve been here for a fair few weeks now and I’m definitely getting up to speed with learning how to use everything and how everything happens here. It’s a super friendly working environment and everyone is easy to talk to. I would highly recommend speaking to somebody here if you know you have an issue that needs sorting out as I found it to be super helpful when I came down.

Friday 17 December 2021

This week for my blog I spoke to another Kickstart employee called Dan. He’s an Admin Assistant – he does general admin work within Creating Enterprise. Dan started on the 18th of August of this year, so he has been here a lot longer than me. He told me that the best thing about working for Creating Enterprise is the people that work here. All the people that work here are very friendly.

This week as well as speaking to Dan I have completed the virtual jobs board so now all the jobs on the virtual jobs board are up to date and it may be worth looking. I’m also working on designs for the jobs boards in all our Hubs so hopefully when they go out you find them and they catch your eye. This will be the last post of the year so I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday 10 December 2021

This week I was in charge of sorting out the Second Chance Furniture page on the Creating Enterprise website. Second Chance is for people who are Cartrefi Conwy tenants and need anything for their homes. On the website they have all sorts of things. It’s all in sections, so we have Sofas and Chairs, Storage, Beds, Tables and Smaller Items which also has things like pictures and mirrors that aren’t necessarily small. In my other weeks I have been here I have been down to the Second Chance storage unit and taken pictures of everything we have in there. This week I was able to put all of the items in their specific categories for the website and was able to publish it. I have also helped some of my colleagues with designs for things they have wanted to send out. The best thing about this job so far is there is always something to do and it’s never boring.

Friday 3 December 2021

Confidence Building

An action shot from the Confidence Building course

This week myself and the other Kickstart Assistants at Creating Enterprise took part in a Confidence Building course. It was led by PDP and set up by ClwydAlyn Housing Association. The course was all about working as a team in general and within a job. It was held over 3 days and over the 3 days they gave you tasks that got progressively harder.

The people running the course were very friendly and welcoming, and the activities that they set you really helped you get settled in.

On the Thursday it was all about preparing for the final task on Friday. The activities on Thursday were all very good at encouraging people to have a go and not sit it out and let other people take the lead.

The final task on Friday was a combination of all the tasks we had done over the past 2 days – we had to put them in an order we would like to complete them, and we had an hour of preparation time to practise. You got an hour’s worth of time to complete the tasks in the order you put them in and it was very satisfying to finally pass at the end of it.

It was good to get to know my fellow Kickstart Assistants and I’m sure the skills I learnt this week will help me in my new role.

Friday 19 November 2021

Hi, my name is Connor and I have recently started a Kickstart job for Creating Enterprise.

Creating Enterprise got me started looking for jobs and I ended up coming back here for a job as a Trainee Marketing Officer. Everyone is incredibly friendly and they all helped me settle in as if I had been there for weeks. They have different hubs, including one in Mochdre and one in Llandudno next to the train station. Both places are very welcoming when you arrive and they will listen to everything you have to say and help you as much as they can. I really recommend coming down to have a chat if you are struggling with what you want to do in terms of work.

The hubs are all laid back and it doesn’t feel like you are pressured and it’s not formal at all – it helps you speak your mind instead of feeling obliged to do something. I really do recommend people looking into Kickstart and Creating Enterprise and I really hope I see more people my age coming down to one of the hubs.

I have only been here for a short time but I can already tell you it’s a brilliant place to work and I never would have known about it if I hadn’t come down to talk to someone. I think it’s too good an opportunity to miss out on.