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Bryn Jones, Lead Technician tells us more about our Flying Factory

Bryn Jones, Lead Technician tells us more about our Flying Factory

How is the Flying Factory working in practice?

The Flying Factory is working extremely well, its been easy to follow and we’re looking to bring in around 50 volunteers from the local community to learn the skills needed to build these homes. We’re committed to upskilling local people who will in turn be able to grow the capacity of the Flying Factory with more homes planned each year.

I have been equally impressed with the way a Beattie Passive home can be adapted for its environment and surroundings. Many Passivhaus types are identical but Beattie Passive allows a flexibility in design so they can be finished in any style you want.

“It’s a very quick and efficient system. We can put the frame of a house up in two days – it’s the future of building.”

What was your role before, and how did you join Creating Enterprise?

Previously I was a joiner at a Housing Association-owned DLO when I was put forward to attend the Beattie Passive Flying Factory training, so that I could lead the team at our own Flying Factory building homes for Creating Enterprise, part of Cartrefi Conwy.

How have you found the set-up and the Beattie Passive system?

The Beattie Passive system is a great way to look at a new era of construction. It’s so easy that it becomes completely inclusive, giving everyone a chance to build high-quality homes, not just those who are already skilled in building.

As a joiner, I’m hooked on the system and can clearly see that this is better than traditional methods of building homes and something I’m delighted to be working on.

How is the Flying Factory supporting the training and skills development agenda of Creating Enterprise?

As part of the business plan we were targeted with 30 homes this year, but we’re already up to 75. So the future is bright to upscale the factory here and potentially have more Flying Factories onsite to deliver more homes in the local community, using volunteers and skilled labour we have trained in the Beattie Passive system.

Creating Enterprise factory near Holyhead.

Posted on: July 31, 2019